The Positive Impact of Acne

Sometimes I think that we give acne more power than it deserves. There’s no denying that acne sucks, but it’s not as bad as it is made out to be by ourselves and others.

It’s hard to think about positives associated with acne seeing as we are bombarded with unrealistic beauty standards and told repeatedly how acne is embarrassing. No wonder our self-esteem takes a hit.

Acne related websites, treatments, and advertisements are the worst offenders. They use emotional manipulation tactics to make you feel worse about your acne, so you will buy whatever they are selling.

The best thing to do is to stop listening to marketers and remember they are salesmen. They are trying to get you to feel bad about your skin, so you buy what they are selling.

They do it because it works. It worked on me for years. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my skin, so I bought whatever acne “cure” they were promoting.

After years of listening to them and feeling bad, I started to think about if it was true or not. Was acne really negatively impacting my life or was I just listening to people tell that it should be?

Truth is, I haven’t been terribly impacted by it. I mean sure it is annoying and can be embarrassing, but that’s it.

Growing up, I’ve always had friends and didn’t have trouble dating. As I got older, I got married, and have been successful in my career. No one has treated me differently.

How about you? Have you ever reflected on acne’s real impact on your life? Did you realize the same thing I did?

I feel my life is strikingly similar to those without acne. In fact, I maybe even better off than others since acne has had positive impacts on my life too.

In my quest to find clear skin, I’ve tried everything under the sun to cure my acne and along the way picked up healthy habits.

The first habit was eating healthy. I have tried various diets to improve my skin health – all of which are pretty much the same. And eventually eating a clean, healthy diet became my norm.

The second habit I picked up was working out. I learned that I could control what my body looked like even if I couldn’t control my breakouts. It was a way to bring some control over my appearance which increased my self-confidence, reduced stress and improved my mood.

And last but not least, I am a caring and humble person. I treat others with kindness and compassion. This may not be skin-related, maybe I was just born this way. But I was also just born with acne too and it is part of who I am, so I choose to embrace it and live life like normal. How about you?

Can you think of any ways that acne how positively impacted your life? Please share your thoughts with us and help someone else see acne is not as bad as it may seem! Thanks!

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